About Dr. Blum

About Dr. Blum

I have had the life-long privilege of being able to work closely with people of all ages, races and creeds. The effectiveness of my methods is based on my commitment to conscientious, discerning practice, on a path of wisdom and compassion. I believe that self-determination, awareness and personal responsibility comprise both the process and purpose of a meaningful and satisfying life.

I began my career as a mental health professional in 1976 as a counselor in a locked facility for juvenile offenders. I learned a great deal about how psychological distress affects behavior and destroys lives by learning from the youngsters in this facility. I have devoted my entire life to providing effective psychological treatments for people throughout their life span, but I’ve never outgrown my respect and love for teens in trouble.

Treatment Philosophy

Life Enhancement Technologies uses an educational process of building skills for personal growth. Therapy is a systematic approach to learning methods for lifelong effectiveness and happiness. Treatment is focused on goals and solutions, using a collaborative approach between myself as listener, resource ,coach and guide, and you—the person who is the expert on your own life .

Techniques include talking, imagery, relaxation training, insight, brain wave management, motivation, play, NLP, hypnosis, EFT, DBT and EMDR, among others. Sometimes sessions include homework assignments and outside research. Respect for the individual who is in therapy and compassion for the challenges of the process are the guiding principles at all times.

I stay current with a wide spectrum of contemporary therapies. Life Enhancement Technologies is a safe, judgment-free zone for self-examination and constructive change, without regard to race, creed, gender, age, political affiliation, socioeconomic status, educational level or degree of need for psychological help.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist 1983 – present.

Over 30 years of continuous, successful practice treating trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship, personality and personal growth issues. Treating adults, children, teens, couples, families, veterans, professionals and high achieving artists and athletes.

President Life Enhancement Technologies, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO 1986 – present

  • – L.E.T. is a comprehensive consulting firm with specialties in management development, leadership, stress management, communications, wellness and peak performance.
  • – L.E.T. won a contract in 2010 with QTC Medical, Inc. funded by Lockheed Martin, to provide rapid response psychological evaluations for returning US veterans, including for PTSD. Since initiation of the contract, LET has completed over 5,000 such evaluations.
  • – L.E.T. wholly owned Equitex,TM an animal-assisted therapy practice, from 1994 to 2004.

Psychologist The Education Assistance Center, Inc., Port Washington, NY 1982-1985: Treatment and evaluation of learning disabled and emotionally disturbed adolescents and children; consultant to school districts

Consultant Veteran’s Administration Medical Center Northport, NY 1981 – 1982: Primary research to establish necessary services for in-country Vietnam veterans and their families.

Assistant Dean of Students State University of New York, Geneseo, NY.1977 -1979: Student Affairs staff in charge of residence halls, student life programming and student leadership development.

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor, University of Phoenix 2010-2014
Director of Clinical Services, Director of Student Research.
Colorado Faculty of the Year 2013.

Visiting Professor, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO 2004-2007
Adjunct Professor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO 1986-1990
Assistant Professor, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 1983-1985


Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA; 1981
Counseling Psychology. Summa Cum Laude, APA Accredited

M.Ed. State University of New York, Buffalo, NY; 1977
College Counseling.

B.S. State University of New York, Empire State College, Westbury, NY; 1975
Psychology and Philosophy.

Publications & Recent Presentations

Blum, M.D. (2013, June 25). The bleeding edge biochemistry and genetics of PTSD: Understanding, treating and preventing PTSD. Invited presentation on the Psychopharmacology of PTSD, University of Phoenix, Colorado Springs, CO.

Blum, M.D. (2012, May 11). Evaluation of PTSD in returning veterans. 1st Annual College of Social Sciences Scholarship and Research Symposium. Invited presentation, University of Phoenix, Colorado Springs, CO.

Blum, M.D. (1988) The silent speech of politicians: Interpreting body language in politics. San Diego: Brenner Information Group

Blum, M.D., Kelly, E.M., Meyer, M., Carlson, C.R..(1984) An assessment of the treatment needs of Vietnam-era veterans. Hospital and Community Psychiatry, 35:691-696.

Craighead, L.W., Blum, M.D. (1989) Supervised exercise in behavioral treatment for moderate obesity. Behavior Therapy, 20:49–59.

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