Psychological Evaluations


A comprehensive psychological evaluation is designed to provide an in depth analysis of personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences. Psychological testing can help with vocational selection or planning, school placement, and with psychological diagnosis. Life Enhancement Technologies, Inc. provides a full range of psychological evaluations including:

  • Court referred psychologicals for parenting time evaluations
  • Screening profiles for employment and vocational preferences
  • Student assessments for placement, individualized educational plans and learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder
  • IQ testing and limited neuropsychological assessments for cognitive impairments
  • Personality testing including objective testing such as MMPI, MCMI or 16PF and projective testing such as Rorschach, Thematic Apperception of Kinetic Family Drawings
  • PTSD evaluations
  • Criminal investigations

Psychological evaluations are billed at $150 an hour including test administration, scoring, interpretation and report writing. Typical evaluations require between fifteen and twenty hours of work. Several long blocks of time ranging from two-and-a half to four hours of time may be needed to complete the actual test administration.

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