Personal Development and Growth

Personal development is the ultimate goal of all psychotherapy. Dr. Blum works diligently to focus on strengths, striving for your ability to identify with the very best version of yourself. The goal of our existence is to craft a personality that each one of us can live with. Freud said that the three prime directives for every individual are to be able to learn to love, work, and play. Personal development is the process of learning to achieve and integrate these directives.

Peak Performance

Within each of us are untapped reservoirs of extraordinary capability. Learning the techniques for focusing attention in order to maximize your performance, regardless of what your goals are, is something that is easy as well as pleasurable to accomplish.

Professional Development

High-achieving individuals, both adults and children, are especially able to benefit from solution-focused and goal-oriented short term therapy. Increasing sales, achieving a better balance between life and work, experiencing greater social ease, and achieving new personal bests are examples of results that clients have had. Services provided have been especially beneficial for physicians, attorneys, artists, and elite athletes, business managers, business owners, and gifted children.

Latest Articles By Dr. Blum

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